Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why we don't feel thankful when..

Why we don't feel thankful when WE'RE STILL GIVEN A LIFE. And being alive. And live on earth instead of any other planets.

Why we don't feel blessed when WE STILL HAVE COMPLETE BODYPARTS. And perfect eyesight. And a pair of hands and legs that can work 24/7 without any problems. And beautiful voice.

Why we don't feel thankful when WE STILL HAVE FAMILY. When our parents are still there for us, being happy and healthy. And surrounded by beautiful and loving siblings. And cute nephews and nieces. And caring cousins. And lots of uncles and aunties.

Why we don't feel blessed when WE STILL HAVE FRIENDS. Though not much, but really do care about us. Though not rich, but understand what we need. Though have done nothing to the world, but willing to give everything to make us smile.

Why we don't feel thankful when WE STILL HAVE THE ONE. Who have put us on the highest place in their hearts. Who made us feel loved, and wanted, and needed. Who changed us to the better. Who supported us faithfully when we're down. Who stand beside us to face everything. To teach us when we're wrong. Who put us to bed and kiss us goodnight. And be our faithful "friend" for as long as we live.

Why we don't feel blessed when WE STILL HAVE GOD, watching down on us. Though cannot be seen, but always there to guide us. To let us breathe. To teach us forgive our selves and others. To feed us. To let us sleep. To wake us. To hear our thoughts. To answer our questions and prayers. To be our "home" when we're lonely and sad. To be our light. To be our "bestest friend" whenever and wherever. To be our faith.

Terkadang, manusia suka serakah dan lupa berterimakasih. Merasa gak beruntung, selalu complain dgn keadaan, merasa bersedih, tanpa mau melihat lebih dekat, berfikir lebih dalam.
Kita sudah seharusnya selalu berterimakasih, entah itu dalam keadaan kaya, ambruk, sehat, sakit, banyak atau tanpa teman. Percaya aja kalo Tuhan mengambil sesuatu yang berharga dari kita, pasti Dia sudah menyiapkan sebuah pengganti yang jauh lebih indah kalo kita tetep sabar dan ikhlas.

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