Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1 more hour before midnight

1 more hour before midnight :)
Just wanna write down a few lists of the-so-called-resolutions before I'm off for my beauty sleep.
You know. Just some, that come across my mind right this second.

- I wanna be more healthy. Apparently being pregnant makes me even lazier than ever. Just so you know, I blame the weight, not the baby :P. I've never been a sporty kind of gal. But according to the book I've been reading, It's never too late to start. Light excercises will make the labour go lot easier. Hmmm... I'll think about it. Swimming or those pregnancy yoga sounds kinda fun :D

- Be more positive in everything. Period.

- EAT MORE VEGGIE AND DRINK MORE WATER. Haha, It's going to be a very tough job fo sureeee. I could use just one hand to count how many times I eat veggie in a month. Pity. And for no specific reason, I tend to choose other drinks like tea, milk, orange juice, etc, than just plain water. :( Oh so not healthy.

- Buy more colorful clothes. Ok. I've already lost count of my black clothes. I have always loved black. Not that I have a dark personality or something. You must agree with me that it's the safest color one could wear, yes? However, this could be the most perfect time to do a little makeover to my wardrobe since I'll be shopping for some new maternity clothes. Yippieeee :D

- Make plans and stick to them. I do make plans, yes. But apparently I often broke most of them my self :P. This time I wanna be a more organized person. No more miss spontaneous from now :D

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