Tuesday, August 5, 2008


3 August 2008 was.............. PHEW! Don't know how to say it :)

I haven't been in that outdoor kind of event in such a long time. The last time was PL Fair, nearly 10 years ago. Huehue.. jadul abis kan. Dan gue belom pernah ke fort canning park, and didn't know that the place will be 5-6 times bigger. Capek juga naik tangganya euy..
So, before we reached the place I couldn't imagine how crowded the place would be. I mean, THOUSANDS of people out there, umpel2an like ikan teri!! Di padang rumput segede itu, bener2 ga ada space kosong! Gue aja dipelototin terus ama orang kalo nyelak.

That day I was TIRED like hell. Almost fainted 2 times because I was dragging Bayu to the centre of the crowd when Jason Mraz was about to perform. But yeah, I guess it's just not the right timing. The crowd, the lack of fresh air (musti dangak biar bisa dapet udara seger), and me being pregnant :D. Jadi gue ama Bayu yang tadinya udah di depan panggung bareng Anes-Enry musti balik lagi ke deket speaker gara2 gue udah ga bisa napas dan penglihatan udah kabur :P. Tapi disinilah untungnya punya badan tinggi (read : gede), jadi walopun agak kepinggir bisa tetep keliatan jelas :P.
Jason Mraz was 4 thumbs up! And you know what, my baby kicked a couple of times during his performance! Calon musisi ya sayang.. hihihi (or maybe she was "complaining" becoz I was too excited huehue). PCD juga heboh abis! Laki gue hampir pingsan hahaha. And Bumil couldn't stop screaming and jumping up and down during their performance. Alicia keys & the band were amazing too (walopun kata Bayu band-nya beberapa kali sumbang). But I hate it that they needed a long time to do the preparation, soundcheck, etc. I was so tired, it was around 11.30 already! My contact lenses were already dried (lupa bawa tetes mata, demm..) and my feet were numb. So when she performed, I wasn't as excited as before. No energy left and we were waaaaaaaay too far from the stage (sengaja mundur ke belakang biar ga susah keluarnya pas udah abis).

Anyhoo... it was unforgettable. Tired, but I don't regret spending over a hundred bucks to be part of this year's biggest event. Walopun tadinya cuma pengen liat One Republic, Jason Mraz, PCD sm Alicia Keys, ternyata... the rest of the artists were incredible too. Panic at the disco.. you guys rock!!! :D


Fakhrur said...

jgn lupa simpen tenaga bwt ulangtahun mil :D makan2nya lebi heboh kan?

Sara Sherlini said...

mau jadi E.O nya?? ;)

Fakhrur said...

boleh :) EO jatah makannya dpt dobel kan ya?