Friday, September 26, 2008

It's official.

It's official.
I'm now a temporary pengangguran for the next 9 months.
I've got so many plans to do in my head, hopefully all will go well. Amin.
First thing first, must focus on preparing my self to be a mother.
Excited yet scared!
Tuesday, go back to Jakarta and celebrate Lebaran with family. Excited.
The next 2 weeks, catch up with bestfriends and have a lot of fun with the city (and food). Can't wait.
Next month, many events await. P.S : Sergio Mendes is coming to town!
November, will be very huge by then :)
December, welcome baby!


INdah.pUspita said...

eh cha..

gak 9 bulan donkk.. ampe desember..

abis desember kan sibuk ama si kecil..

;) ;) ;)

eh met balik lebarann..

met lebarann..

akhirnya lebaran jugaa.. *wekekeke.. Astagfirullah.. *

Mrs. Febriajie said...

betuuulllll :)

met lebaran jugaaa! kamuuuuuuu! jangan kebanyakan dengerin lagu mellow! hahahah ;)

minal aidin wal faidzin indah... cup2

melur said...

pengangguran is the best....! :D :D :D