Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Go MADness!

M a d n e s s.

A true collaboration from 3 dear friends of mine from Lasalle College Jakarta -Bonnie,Ajeng,Vannie-, represents independent fashion designers with quirky aesthetics. One of them used to make her own jewelry and gave me one of her masterpieces as a birthday gift, danke Bon ;*

I adore the ethnic feels that they brought into these unique pieces of jewelry. Something that a lot of jewelry makers nowadays try to achieve, but still, these pieces are different in a good way.
Styled with feathers, sequins, batiks, and so on. Truly Fabulous with a capital F!
Now available in Alun-Alun Indonesia @ Grand Indonesia.
*smile proudly :)*


melur said...

boleh gue promosiin ke anak fashion di majalah gue gak cha?

Mrs. Febriajie said...

They'd be honored if you could do that yuy! Beneran nih? Nanti kalo sukses gue bilangin designernya.. kabarin ya :D

melur said...

asal boleh pinjem barang buat pemotretan, gimana?

Project Madness said...

we'll be happy if you can do that.
email us to