Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy shopping

Here I aaaaammmmm..... reporting about my last night's hunting @ Club 21 Bazaar!
It was already late in the evening and I only had 1.5 hour until they closed! PANIC ATTACK. Bye-bye to hubby who got stucked in a crappy meeting. Muahahah.... Sorry babe, I need to go! :D
I decided to take a cab but the driver didn't recognize the building that I was heading to, so I assure him that It would be somewhere around Singapore Flyer. Fortunately there was no traffic-jam going on so we were able to reach Republic Boulevard 10 minutes later. Yeyyeyeyey...
Once we reached there, my eyes catched a humongous "CLUB 21 BAZAAR" writing on a board just in time! Plus I saw a lot of people carrying white plastic bags that are similar to the one I have at home from last year's bazaar.. hehehe. So I told the driver to pull over and quickly jumped off the cab with excitement. Tehehehe... :)

The situation up there was crazy. And I guess there's no point of them putting "member's only or whatever rule" on the advertisement since they didn't ask for our membercard or anything.
CK over here!!! Dolce & Gabbana over there!!! Jil Sanders!!! Leather jacket!!! Coats, dresses, bags & accessories at the other side of the room, aaaarrrggghhh!!! I didn't know where to start!!!! PANIC ATTACK #2 mode : so ON!!!

1 hour later, I had 3 pieces of clothing in my hand. A fuchsia color midi skirt with flowery shanq buttons, a brown tweed short and a pretty dress. (Ofcourse I wasn't looking for maternity clothes! nyahahah :D). Went to the other room (to pay, actually) and realized there were a lot more stuff that I missed! Damn it!!!! Yet this annoying guy started to yell around that we only had a few minutes left to shop. No no no no no!!!
I tried to calm my self down yet rushed to a rack full of shoes. Hihihihi.........
This might sound like a foolish decision, but I finally ditched the skirt, the short, and the dress for a pair of sandals.
But they are NOT just a pair of sandals, they're Dolce & Gabbana sandals :D. And they're a bit costy, that's why I decided not to buy the other 3, if not I will need to walk my self home. Duh!

So yah, that's about it. My hunting story... 1.5 hour only but ended up happy. I wonder what happened to the mom-to-be who concerns about saving some money. Hmmmm... This is the last, I promise.. I promiseeeeeeee! :P


..febyriz.. said...

Cha serunyaaaaa!!!
Kamu kesana sm siapa? Jangan bilang sendirian?!?!?!!?!?
Very naughty yaa bumil yg satu ini...kalap hehehe

melur said...

oh girls will be girls, we say it would be the last, when even hasn't begun yet! nyeheheheheh :D

*aku iriiiiiii...tapi saya maklum bu, itu jatah dan napsu dua orang yang berbelanja* huahuahuahua..

Missorenz said...

yakin nih... trakhir?? :))))

Mrs. Febriajie said...

terakhir belanja buat gw-nya taan... belanja2 yg lain tetep doong... buat keperluan inara maksudnya. hihihi.. yg penting judulnya BELANJA :P

Mrs. Febriajie said...

@ Feby : perginya sendiriaaan.. di dalemnya ketemu org2 gila belanja juga (baca : SAYID) hahaha.. gak naughty koook... ini one of my cravings ;)

@ Meyuy : I know. Like i said before, ini maunya si bayi bukan gueee bukan gueeeee.... hihihihihi