Monday, November 3, 2008

Shopping anyone?

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THE MOST awaited bazaar is around the corner!!! Happy yet sad at the same time. The timing is just "perfect".
The first day will only be open for club 21 members or HSBC card holders, but the rest of the event are open for public! Hurrah! ;)
I went to the same bazaar last year, and yes it was insanely crowded. Not everything is a good stuff but I guess if u're lucky enough, u'll be able to find a good DKNY or Armani top and they will only cost you not more than 50 bucks. Heaven, isn't it?
I know somebody who got a very stylish white blazer and the price went down from $2,000 to $200!! How can you not buy that??? ;)
So what're u waiting for girls??? Don't miss this!


melur said...

ooo musti CC hsbc ya? waktu itu gue pernah nemu CC hsbc di jalan, gw pungut, trus gw laporin, eh trus diblokir, jadi ga bisa dipake lagi dech (yaiyalah!)

*komen ga nyambung*

Mrs. Febriajie said...

tuh udah di edit post nya. lebih jelas bukan? heuhue.. sayang km/donna ga disini :((