Monday, November 24, 2008

You Are Guilty!!!!


Since I've been TAGGED by this young lady, now I'm gonna have to list down 5 things that make me happy. Randomly.
Hhhmmmm.... what ah? I'm confused. I have too many.
Lemme just list down my 5 guilty pleasures instead, k dear? ;)

Shout out those who tagged you
List 5 unimportant(?!) things that make you happy
State the rules and tag 5 other blogs
Leave a comment letting the 5 blogs know they have been tagged

Got it? Aight, here we go... ;)

Yea..yea.. u may laugh now. I do love watching Barbie series no matter how lame u think they are.
As a matter of fact, I'm planning to buy the complete series once I have the chance to go back to Jakarta (or.. Bin! beliin donk. heuheuhuehue), the best place to buy pirated cheap DVD! Woohooooooo!

If there is one thing that can keep me sane during this long break, it is, without a doubt, Sex & The City!
I've done watching the 6 seasons, I have watched the movie countless time, I've done reading the book,
BUT, I don't mind re-watching them all over and over and over again until I fall asleep :D

Wii Play is another thing. Those who often come to my house probably would know how I've become addicted to this unimportant silly game! Nyahahah!

Yes, you can officially call me a Gossip Magz collector. I have tons of them.
I always insist to buy several different magz (my fave are Life & Style, People and Ok!) though I know that the contents are about the same!

Last but not least, I'm about to reveal my silly possession over Nail Polishes!
FACE SHOP is my favorite brand so far. Everytime I pass by, I'll make sure that I own every single color that they have in store.
Nope, I don't use them all, just in case you're wondering.
I just love to see them being lined up, looking pretty.
Heck. This is what we called WASTING MONEY! ;P

Now lemme TAG Rur, Ndah, Eli, Coby, and Mr. Febriajie


..febyriz.. said...

Chaaa.. Wii play itu addictive yah? Mainannya seru2 gak? i feel like buying since i got a really long holiday :p

Indah Puspita Rani said...

denger wii.. jadi pengen cepet balik indo..

maen wii.. !!!

lo paling suka yang mana??

gw hobi maen masak2an.. hahaha.. :))

eh gw ketag yaa.. will do it after exam... hehehe

gimana udah sembuh cha?

Fakhrur said...

shoooot.. does this mean i have to make this too? :O

Mrs. Febriajie said...

@Febz : Seruu, konyoool dan addictive! Kalo lagi liburan panjang ok bgt beli ini, apalagi kalo udh mati gaya. hiahihaiha

@Ndah : gue paling suka yg wii sport tennis sm wii play semuanya! klo yg wii play beneran mainan ga penting tapi bikin nagiiiihhh....

@Rur : harus donk rur! gue kan sengajaaa.... i know this is so not you :p

melur said...

antara kesal dan bersyukur gak kena tag.. hihihihihi..

eh aku ada joystick Wii ga kepake, mau ga? buat inara ;D

Mrs. Febriajie said...

huahuahuahua... aku ga ngetag km kan krn mbak feby dah ngetag km duluan sayang. jd mendingan bersyukur aja ga usah kesel. huehuheuheuhue...