Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things I Miss About...

Writing this while watching my Callula sleep next to me. My mind travels to those times when I was enjoying life carelessly. I could think of a few things. And I believe there are hundreds If I just spend a few more time to think carefully... :)

1. Waking up in somebody else's bed, and by this I meant sleepovers :)
2. The feeling of being scolded by seniors on malam2 pelantikan :)
3. Wandering around the roads, singing to John Mayer's songs :)
4. Shopping with my girlfriends at Melawai though I hardly bought anything :)
5. Dancing around the room to Marilyn Manson's songs after a-breath-taking-break-up :)
6. Sipping a cup of coffee, watching people and made silly comments about them at Citos :)
7. Driving alone at 4 in the morning with my window open :)
8. The excitement of waiting for a new GADIS magazine :)
9. The stress of being on the same road with unmannered mikrolets & kopajas :)
10. The feeling of meeting a boyfriend's parents for the first time :)

Oh well.
Life does go on.


melur said... inoy lucu buanget di foto 'the writer' kamu.. hihihihi dia suka melongo yaaa?

Fakhrur said...

ok so you miss teen life... or you just did these very recently? :p

Prawiranata Adlina said...

Hoho JOhn myer dan citos emang the best ya mot.. hehehe

Mrs. Febriajie said...

@ meyuy : ahaha yes honey. nurun dari aku kebiasaan bengongnya

@ rur : 6 years ago leh... you ah.. want to irritate me oni..

@ mot : yes. i miss you! i did most of these with you!