Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The tutu girl..

With one of my dear friend's big event coming up next month, I have only one concern to really think about. What's my daughter going to wear? Ouu yeah, playing dress-up with a baby daughter has given me that extra happiness, especially when I'm a shopaholic ;p

My good friend Tasya has told me about these tutu skirts they're selling online. Pls check, if you wanna know or buy, it could be a very lovely gift to welcome a baby daughter.. (newborn size are available :) How cute!)
However, these lovely skirts are
way too expensive, when you also need to buy a pair of high heels for your newborn. Tehee...

Ah anyway. Last weekend I was at a mall when I passed by this small (and is it new?) stall, and saw a glimpse of flowy-little skirts hanging, looking pretty ofcourse. I stopped by. No further question need to be asked.
"This is it!", I thought. Similar skirts, different price. I couldn't be happier.

Later on that night, I went home with a big smile on my face. And I have one more reason to smile even wider coz I also got her a flower accessory to match the skirt :D.
My daughter is going to wear a tutu next month. Mommy says yeaaaaayyy..... :)


melur said...

me also wore a lovely tutu skirt back then in elle anniversary party, me very happy because me felt like a ballerina or some sort hihiy :D

hmmmm kalo jahit baju buat bayi susah ya cha emangnya? :) kmu kan jago tuh jait2 :D

Ronald's Lady said...


hihihihhi...aku juga pengen jadinya...*lho?!?!?! buahaha!

Mrs. Febriajie said...

@ melur : Ah yes dear, every girl will look gorgeous in tutu and you surely did ;)
Bisa aja sayang, ntar deh aku mo nyoba2 jait. Tapi hrs cari certain kind of chiffon, hrs yang lembut banget krn buat kulit bayi, and it costs a bit more.
Apa gue buka butik bayi aja yah? Hehee..

@ ronald's lady : Belii belii... biar makin semangat :D It comes in 2 colors. Pink (like inara's) and black-purple mixed. Jadi jualan gini ogut... Tehehe..

melur said...

ah, still... i can even feel the happiness now huhuy and i can already imagine how cute inara wearing that :)
yippie aku tunggu butiknya buat belanja buat anakku nanti... baju buat bayi cowo juga ada yaa ;)