Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello September

I can't believe it's already September! 1 month away to our 2nd anniversary and 3 months away to my babygirl's birthday :D

Well, I think it's a good time to post some updates...

I just turned a year older last month. Tahun ini gue nggak sempet me-review apa aja yang terjadi setahun terakhir, nggak sempet bikin to-do lists ato introspeksi whatsoever yg biasanya gue bikin tiap ultah karena satu dan lain hal.
I only had one wish that day because a dear suddenly showed up in front of my door with a birthday cake and a candle so I had to make one :) (Thank u Tania)

Kalo sekarang mau di-review, banyak perubahan2 yang terjadi sih pastinya di tahun ini, be it good or bad.

I'd like to start with the good part first :).
I love the fact that I'm starting to have a clearer direction in life. Huhuhu telat banget! Gue emang tipe orang yang mengikuti arus. Tapi terlalu mengikuti arus juga ga baik eventhough I gotta admit, hidup jadi less stressful. Apalagi fashion business lingkupnya luas banget. There're just so many options for me to choose! Now I know what I want and I dare to say I am building my own ways to get there, amiiinn....

Now the bad part.
Recently I just made a risky decision but I'm standing right behind it :). I've reached the point where I simply stop thinking about what others might respond, just enjoy and be responsible for every step I made.
Biar gimanapun juga kita yang menjalani hidup kita sendiri, others have no idea what we've been through.
The things is, whichever option that we choose, don't expect it would be easy coz nothing is!
And I will always remember these words, "Even Paris Hilton who was born as an heiress of a multi-billion dollar company wouldn't say it's easy". (thanks Endy)

One funny thing that I want to share with u guys, kemaren2 gue sempet mengalami (lagi) krisis identitas. Wakakakak! Jadi berasa SMP lagiii.... huhuhu...
I remember my Mom said she lost her own Identity eversince she gave birth to her eldest child.
Kayaknya sekarang gue ngerti kenapa :)
I don't know apa ini juga berlaku for other moms but for me, perubahan status as a Mom bikin gue jadi mikir 2x kalo mau berbuat apa2. Contoh : kalo beli baju gue jadi mikir2, pantes nggak ya kalo gue gendong anak pake baju begini, ato pantes nggak sih Ibu2 pake docmart?? Hahaha... I personally feel that this is one of the negative side of growing up in an eastern culture where "pantes/nggak" or following the unwritten rules is very important, sementara menurut gue penting banget untuk tetep jadi diri sendiri selama itu ngga ngerugiin siapa2 huhuhu.
Kebetulan keluarga gue juga orang2nya mayan kuno soal beginian. Tante2, om, sepupu2 gue yang literally very religious, dan mungkin buat mereka yang "nyeleneh" kayak gue gini aneh.
Even my own mum and my own husband! Huehuehue...
But seriously, sampe kapan mo gini terus. Gue yakin nanti bakal ada saatnya gue toned down but for now I just wanna be who I am and enjoy being my self... Selama gue ga ngerugiin siapa2 :)

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