Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Randomly thought.

- SLR Camera! (No, this is not a hint for my birthday present honey. We can save bit by bit 'til we can afford to buy one )
- Diving @ Pulau Raja Ampat
- And I want my own diving gear & lisence
- Black & white house
- Tattoo... Hhhmmmm.. yang ini masih belum tau. I've always loved & wanted a tattoo..cuma klo dihubungin sm agama jd susye deh
- Travelling, travelling & mowweee travelling. Japan, Melbourne & Bali are next destinations.
- A potty chair
- Slim down... I'll shut up when I reach 50 or 52 at least.. I promise!! 3.5 more Kg to gooooo....
- A proper portfolio for interviews!!!!
- A playroom
- Mountain cycling
- Make my parents proud
- And tell Daddy I love him so...
- Go to Batam and visit one of my dearest friend. (Sorry blom kesampean juga Metaaaa )
- Be able to go out with a plain & clean face! *mulai capek pake make-up*
- Oh! And get my hair done... Hair cut & hair smoothing are a must.
- Flat tummy :P (I slimmed down a lot after I gave birth, still.. 'that' area is not flat enuf)
- Make a birthday dress for my dawty's birthday my self. This is sooooo frustrating! I'm not allowed to shop for any kind of babyclothes a.k.a forced to make them my own :(
- Be able to cook my hubbie's fave food!
- IPHONE 4 *nyehehheeeee....

* to be continued *

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