Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dear baby Inara.

Dear baby Inara,

Today mommy and daddy went to see our doctor again. This time we were planned to do a special scan for you! To go through each of your body parts, to see if everything is normal. The process was just like any other scan that we had done before, only longer than usual. It took about 30-40 minutes! (Pity those who're still in the queue :p) and it actually depends on your position at that moment as the doctor needs to get some pictures of your heart, brain, lung, kidney, arms, legs, and so on. I'm amazed to see how big you are now, love!
You see, this is the very first picture that we took! Look how tiny you wereeee! Sooooo cuteeeeee... Only 2 mm!!! Can you imagine??? And do you know that now you can't even fit in that screen?? When the doctor did the scan today, he had to move the scanner from one side to the other side of mommy's tummy. Very big, indeed. ;))

Unfortunately, I think you were sleeping while we did the scanning process :). You know you made the doctor tried sooo hard to take your pictures :P.
(Yang sebelah kanan itu foto telapak kakinya)
But no worries. The good news is, doctor said everything is fine :). 2 arms, 2 legs, 10 fingers & toes. And when it came to the part where he showed us your face part, mommy and daddy were simply amazed..... Though not very clear, we could see your tiny little eyes, nose and lips.

Uuuuhhh can't wait to meet you!! Keep growing in there! :D

Love, hugs & kisses,

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