Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome back reality.

It's been 2 days since I left my beloved hometown, but it seems like I haven't gotten back the will to live my life normally... :((
My tankinis are still lying there, untouched. I haven't unpacked my suitcase yet. And all the babystuff we bought are still on the same place where I left them, packed beautifully in their paper bags. *sigh*
Well oh well.. I still miss Jakarta so badly.

*Pasrah jadi maskot selama di Jakarta*
The silver lining is I am re-united with my hubbie, which was the ONLY reason why I'm willing to give up my holiday and all the food I enjoyed! :p

Being back in the real life. There are a few changes that I have to deal with.
1. My plans to attend some esplanade events this month have to be cancelled except for Kua Etnika's performance. Bye-bye Sergio Mendes. The tix is $100. I need the money for other important purchases a.k.a baby stuff. :)) I got most of them in Jakarta which feels like heaven due to the price!! Gosh.... I don't get why people are spending so much to get here and shop while they can get almost everything in Jakarta for more reasonable price!!^%@^!%
2. So sorry to all who (probably) have been waiting for further announcement about my babyshower. I decided to cancel that one too, knowing and realizing that I better save the money if something more important comes up as we move forward to December :)) IMPORTANT NOTE : All gifts/presents are still welcome! Heheeee..... ;)

Well what else... I'm still working on my "foto buncit" plan. This is probably the best time to do it. My babybump is big enough as I'm entering the 7th month of my pregnancy (yay!), yet.. I feel that I still look Ok to be photographed. I've gained 10 Kg so far, and who knows in the next 2 months I'll gain 10 more Kg!! Mwahahah... I've asked my not-so-little sister in law to help me out coz I knew she has a very-very good sight in photography :).
Ok. Still have one more week to prepare everything, if it goes as planned. I need to come up with the ideas of the best place to do it, annnddd... *here's the twist* I'm planning to make a pretty dress for the photo session my self! I guess I can do that...... yes???? I know a lot of people are being superstitious about this issue. "Ibu hamil gak boleh jait! Ibu hamil gak boleh deket2 gunting. Ibu Hamil gak baik megang jarum".
Hmmm... I think I'm too modern to believe this kind of thing. I'll just leave it to God. :)
Another thing. We have to re-arrange our room and make space for little Inara 'n her stuff.
And last but not least, been looking for the best place to start my "senam hamil". Bet it's going to be exciting (and funny) to meet other moms-to-be, hehee.. probably I'll just go to the one in Raffles Hospital. The place is very comfortable and It only took one bus ride for me to reach there. Have to start anytime soon!
Gotta pray hard and try hard to keep my self healthy so I can accomplish all these plans ! Bismillah!!! The clock is ticking!!!


Fakhrur said...

cha, i'm suck with gifss, especially baby gifts.. so can you hint out any? :p

melur said...

i think you're not so sucks with gifts... if you still think that way, here let me tell u what, give ur money to "peri kado" (yes that's me!!) and she will grant you one wish... *halah* maksudnya dia bakal membelikan kado... huyuh...maskotnya lucu yaaa yang di tengah ituuuu... ;)) mamanya sapa sih ituu?? mamanya inara :D

Mrs. Febriajie said...

List kado-nya nanti gue beberkan di post berikutnya. Be ready, it's going to be a long list. ;p

melur said...

bring it on... :D

*kayak yang sanggup aja ngejabanin* hihihihihihihi gaji wartawan ohhh gaji wartawan......