Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello again....

Sorry for being M.I.A... *grin*

Not much for updates.
* Still in Singapore, being a fulltime housewife + mom.
* I got my cooking skill back. Cewek tomboy tetap punya jiwa keibuan :)
* I'm converting. No, not in religion term. I'm a lacto-ovo-vegetarian now.
* Planning to go back to Jakarta and start doing some projects.
Will be saying hello to long distance marriage for the 3rd time! I'm glad we survived. I'm glad I married a guy who supports me in every way possible. Alhamdulillah, couldn't be more thankful.
* My curly 'lil princess is 19 months old. I'm excited to prepare her 2nd birthday. We plan to celebrate her birthday this time. Can't wait. :)

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